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MADERA HOTEL | brand strategy & positioning | naming | logo | website | collateral 

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React Design created the unique brand positioning for Madera to appeal to younger tech-savvy guests who wanted to stay, connect, and share with other guests and experience cultural hotspots around the hotel. 


What's in a name?

Absolutely everything! Its imagery, tone, and even the consumers' likeability of the brand.


Over the years, React Design has amassed vast experience and knowledge in the naming process. 


Madera, meaning “wood” in Spanish, was a perfect fit.


Inspired by the natural and warm interior design, the hotel name and logo incorporated wooden elements such as paneling, sculptures, and artwork throughout the rooms and public areas.

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The in-room collateral, sales materials, and stationery printed on embossed wood grain paper aligned with the wood theme.

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Madera folder_w_outline-01.png
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